Deborah Wright, CCUFC

Content Marketing Strategist,
FedChoice FCU

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FedChoice FCU
Lanham, MD


I started working for FedChoice Federal Credit Union in 2007. I was originally hired as the Marketing Manager. In 2015, I recommended that we merge IT and Marketing to better utilize the many pockets of data that reside with a wide variety of vendor partners. With this transition, I became our Product & Service Strategist, responsible for reviewing all products and services from the competitive, pricing, innovation perspectives to determine how our offering should evolve. In 2019, my position transitioned with a greater focus on the marketing of FedChoice products and services when I became the Digital Marketing Strategist. Then again, in 2021, the Creative Services Department divided marketing responsibilities based on product categories. I am now the Vertical Strategy and Marketing Partner for real estate loans, checking products and retirement solutions. Effective January 2023, my responsibilities evolved again. With the addition of our Digital Marketing Specialist, our roles are now split between the digital and print sides of the house. I'm now responsible for printed materials, branch audits and vendor management as our Content Marketing Strategist.

Credit Union Asset Size

  • $300M-$599M