Q: What is CUESNet?
CUESNet is an online networking community. Here you can engage with your CUES membership, network with your peers across the industry, and share information and ideas. 


Q: How do I join a community?

Joining a Community

Q: How do I access the communities I have joined? 

Accessing Your Communities

Q: How do I update my community notifications? 

Updating Community Notifications

Q: How do I start a discussion?

Starting a Discussion

Q: How do I reply to a post?

Replying to a Post

Q: How do I share a document to a library?

Accessing Community Libraries

Adding to the Libraries

Q: How do I leave a community?

Leaving a Community

Q: Can I add a new community?
Currently CUESNet participants can’t start a new community on their own. However, we’d like to hear your suggestions on what communities you'd like to see. Contact us with your suggestion(s) at

Updating Your Profile

Q: How do I update my profile?

Profile Updates

Q: How do I change the information in my signature block?

Updating Your Signature Block

Q: How do I update my privacy settings?

Changing Your Privacy Settings

Q: How do I add contacts to my network?

Adding Contacts


Q: How do I search for posts across multiple communities or libraries?

Searching Content

We’re here to help if you have any additional questions. Please choose “Contact Us” in the upper left-hand corner of the site, email us at, or give us a call at 608.271.2664, opt. 2.