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A Word From Our CEO, John Pembroke

Talent Development Has Gone Beyond Pivotal To Pivoting

Crucial as ever, good learning offerings have become more flexible in both delivery and subject matter

Talent development has been pivotal for a long time. That is, it has been of crucial importance to the growth and ultimate success of individuals, teams, departments and organizations.

While still pivotal, effective talent development today is also all about pivoting. That is, it must be flexible both in the way it’s consumed and in its subject matter. Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Flexible Delivery Methods

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, credit unions everywhere scrambled to make it possible for their staffs to work from home. Laptops were purchased. Home office security was studied and addressed. Managers figured out ways to stay in touch with their staff members—home office to home office—so they could answer questions, ensure member service and shore up staff morale.

Clearly this whole scenario involved a lot of on-the-job learning about leadership, crisis management and recovery. CUES knows that credit union leaders were committed to doing things right because traffic on our content pages, especially those related to the pandemic response, soared during this time.

But those in charge of learning realized the importance of making sure that on-the-job learning wasn’t the only option. Organizations like CUES got busy transforming learning experiences that had long been in-person events for delivery in the digital realm, partnering to offer top-tier and time-tested online programs and also creatively developing entirely new offerings.

The sudden emphasis on online learning, which has been so difficult for some, has produced unexpected silver linings. For example, it can allow learning to extend deeper into an organization. This may be in part because it doesn’t require travel and therefore can cost less than traditional in-person offerings. Online learning can also give people more choice about when they "attend,” even allowing them to return to complete a particular program if they need to step away to attend to a pressing business concern.

New Learning Focus

As learning pivoted in how it was consumed last year, topic emphasis also shifted in response to what happened in the world.

With the pandemic ongoing since last March, the issue of wellness, both physical and mental, has weighed heavily on everyone’s minds. And social justice came to the fore after the widely publicized murder of George Floyd in May, leading to an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. Learning offerings quickly pivoted to better include these areas, and as we celebrate Black History Month, I encourage you to continue your personal journey by visiting our DEI Resource Center.

What’s next for talent development?


Members Shout Out

New Position:

Gene Novello is the new president/CEO of TECH CU, Crown Point, IN, replacing the retiring Mike Hussey.

John Howard will succeed the retiring Peter Matthews as president/CEO of Merrimack Valley CU, Lawrence, MA.

Direct FCU, Needham, Massachusetts, recently announced three new executive-level promotions: Michael Ferreer as SVP/chief experience officer, Amy Horan as SVP/CLO and Brian Medeiros as SVP/CIO.

Bridgewater CU, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has merged with Merrimack Valley CU, Lawrence, Massachusetts, and will operate as “Bridgewater Credit Union, a division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union.”

Michigan State University FCU, East Lansing, has received the National Best and Brightest in Wellness™ award.

Canvas CU, Lone Tree, CO, has been awarded 2019 Great Place to Work certification.

The mortgage team of Elevations CU, Boulder, CO, was recognized as a 2019 Ellie Mae Hall of Fame award winner for efficiency and ROI gains.

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