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    Win Big With CUES

    At CUES, we understand how hard it is to find the time to upskill yourself and your team, but we also recognize the value and results of doing so. So, we've come up with a fun and easy way for every CUES member, and their credit unions, to accomplish ...

  • For those who process business ACH (i.e. payrolls specifically), when do you take the funds from the member?  A. When we send the ACH B. On the settlement day Thanks! ------------------------------ James Collins President/CEO O Bee Credit Union ...

  • Good to know. Not providing the SOC2 will be an issue for us as well, so I know not to go down that route. We've also just engaged with Gartner, so I've asked them for their recommendations as well. We have our first call scheduled with them next Friday, ...

  • Hi Caitlin! I am very curious about this same subject. We are currently in talks with BirdEye about their security measures. We got all the way in with Yest, but they would not give us their SOC2 Type 2 and that's where the talks ended for us.  Following ...

  • Hi all,  Hope everyone survived budget season! I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any insight they'd be willing to share on reputation management tools. One of our vendors gave us 3 suggestions, but looking to see if anyone had any experience ...

A Word From Our CEO, John Pembroke

I Bet You’d Benefit From Social Learning

Because interpersonal connections help people learn, CUES incorporates them into its offerings.

Now that the school year is in full swing for our kids, it’s is a great time to reflect on our own learning. One way to direct our reflection is by thinking about how our children learn best.  

Young people may love learning about math more than literature—or science more than speech. But whatever their favorite subject, it’s a sure bet that they like having friends in their classes. When that happens, they can bounce ideas off their peers, check to see which homework assignments were assigned the day they had to miss class, and get feedback on the first draft of their English essay.

Since you’re in credit unions, my guess is that you love learning about your specialty in the industry—whether that’s marketing, operations, payments or straight-up leadership. Are you like your kids in that your learning is enhanced when you do it in the company of trusted peers?

Our experience would suggest that you are. And that’s why CUES incorporates a great deal of “social learning” into its offerings.

While there’s a whole theory of social learning in the field of education, what I’m talking about when I refer to social learning is connecting people as they learn. CUES does this in a variety of ways.





Members Shout Out

New Position:

Gene Novello is the new president/CEO of TECH CU, Crown Point, IN, replacing the retiring Mike Hussey.

John Howard will succeed the retiring Peter Matthews as president/CEO of Merrimack Valley CU, Lawrence, MA.

Direct FCU, Needham, Massachusetts, recently announced three new executive-level promotions: Michael Ferreer as SVP/chief experience officer, Amy Horan as SVP/CLO and Brian Medeiros as SVP/CIO.

Bridgewater CU, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has merged with Merrimack Valley CU, Lawrence, Massachusetts, and will operate as “Bridgewater Credit Union, a division of Merrimack Valley Credit Union.”

Michigan State University FCU, East Lansing, has received the National Best and Brightest in Wellness™ award.

Canvas CU, Lone Tree, CO, has been awarded 2019 Great Place to Work certification.

The mortgage team of Elevations CU, Boulder, CO, was recognized as a 2019 Ellie Mae Hall of Fame award winner for efficiency and ROI gains.

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