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  • Hi Everyone- We are interested in doing a workshop for those Gen X and BBoomers who are inheriting monies from their parents…a way to retain funds as our older members pass. Perhaps having a panel- lawyer, wealth management, and accounting… Has anyone ...

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    Anyone using these folks to sell participations? ------------------------------ James Collins President/CEO O Bee Credit Union Tumwater WA 360.570.7922 ------------------------------

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    Good afternoon, CU Leaders: We are discussing the possibility of adding a Paid Parental Leave policy, like a great deal of organizations today.  If you have considered this policy and are going to add or decided not to add, or have resources that ...

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    Hi @David Bunch ! Have you looked at the document titled "8.Volunteer.D.Volunteer Compensation and Travel Policy.pdf" in the Library?​ ​ You can find it under the Members Share post. This might have some helpful info for you. ------------------------------ ...

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    Tanya, We have custom reports that we produced in house  from these we  prepare the published balance sheet and income statement.  If you would like to have samples or need assistance in writing just send me an email.  Sarah Mosley, CEO  Telcoe FCU  ...

A Word From Our CEO, John Pembroke

Apply the Rigor of financial management to talent development

5 steps to take

Credit unions spend a lot of time and effort managing their financial capital. I think the time is near when they will manage human capital with equal rigor—and benefit greatly from doing so.

Think about what your credit union does to make sure its financial position is poised to drive the organization's success: You establish the importance of capital management. You assemble smart, well-trained people to focus on it. You charge that group with setting forth your overall philosophy, linking that philosophy to your response to several possible future scenarios, and creating an organizational action plan to achieve the results you want.

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CUES Supplier member CO-OP Financial Services, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, has donated $10,000 to the American Red Cross for Midwest flooding disaster relief.

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