Rina Salverson

Supplier Sales Coordinator,
CUES Staff

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CUES Staff
Madison, WI


My name is Rina Salverson and I have a degree in Education... as in teaching... like, first graders. (Can you picture it? Just picture yourself trying to herd 20 cats. Ha!)  And I loved it! So what am I doing in the Credit Union world? I'm so glad you asked!  I love learning. I love exploring. I love challenges.  
I am currently the Supplier Relations Coordinator at CUES.  Although I have only been here for a month, I have fallen in love with the company values, the CUESers and the challenge that each new day brings. 
I have two teen-age boys.  Enough said? Although I love them like crazy, I'm not sure if they know whether I exist or not.  (Thank you, Snapchat, Instagram and Fortnite.) ;-)
I cannot wait to get started as I am looking forward to the interactions that this platform has to offer.