Jennifer Scheib

Professional Development Coordinator,
CUES Staff

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CUES Staff
Madison, WI


Communication-savvy professional with 6+ years experience partnering with customers and organizations in the finance & software industries to achieve successful business outcomes. Driven by curiosity and a high value on collaboration, resulting in strong relationships with business leaders and teams, as well as expert knowledge in the areas of Communications, Learning & Development, and Customer Experience / Success. Passionate about cultivating success in business (and life!) through a human-first experience.

SPECIALTIES: Organizational Communication | Learning & Development | Customer Experience | Customer Success | Agile/SCRUM Methodology | Strategy Planning & Execution | Partnership + Collaboration

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator): INFJ
PCM (Process Communication Model): Harmonizer
CLIFTON STRENGTHS (Top 5): Intellection, Connectedness, Empathy, Input, Consistency
VIA INSTITUTE ON CHARACTER (Top 5): Love of Learning, Humility, Kindness, Perspective, Social Intelligence