Teresa Oswald

Member Service Professional,
Foothills CU

Contact Details

Foothills CU
Lakewood, CO


I have been with Foothills Credit Union since December of 2015. I work as a teller and member services representative. I also coordinate marketing in the local area of my branch under the direction of our marketing director. I have learned a great deal in my years here and am pleased with the knowledge I have gained in areas such as compliance and member service.

I am passionate about credit unions and their place in communities. I love to interact with members of our credit union and people who come to the community events that we help sponsor.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and am expecting my first grandchild. 

I like to write, but spend too much time reading other people's works and watching Netflix to get much done. I love learning new things whether they pertain to my job or are just for personal enrichment.

I see myself as working at my credit union until retirement because I don't know of another industry where my job is to truly serve the people I work with and seek their best interests.