My Surveys Toolbox

Welcome to the Surveys Toolbox!
You’re here because you either have an Unlimited + membership or you have purchased a survey and you've been given access to the survey reports.

Unlimited + Member

The Unlimited+ Memberships includes the Executive Compensation Survey and Employee Salary Survey reports in the membership. Note: Not all members of the Unlimited + membership have access. Survey access is given from CUES as requested by the credit union.

Purchasing Surveys

Surveys can be purchased if you are not an Unlimited+ member. If you are not an Unlimited+ member, and have not already purchased the survey(s) you can do so HERE.

Survey Participation
Participation runs from Jan 1 - March 31 every year.
Surveys data currently have 2018 data.
Access Request
Access to survey reports and participation is given by CUES as requested from the credit union.
Board of Director's will  be granted access only if written approval from your CEO is sent to CUES.
Survey Participation and Reports How-To's
The instructions below are for those who have access to the survey reports and/or survey participation.

Our Survey Support Team is here for you!

Sharon Messmore, Products/Services Coordinator, is available over the phone and via email to assist you with your survey questions! Reach out to her today:

Call 608.271.2664, ext. 334