Board Liaison Toolbox

Welcome Board Liaisons! As a governance support professional, your role is vital to the overall health of your credit union. That’s why we’re pleased to offer this special CUESNet page, dedicated to you and your role. Here, you’ll find easy access to professional development tools specifically for you.

Director Education Center Course Completion Certificates
CUES knows that completing education is important, and that verification is key. Once a board member has completed a course, we would be happy to send out a Completion Certificate. Just fill out a request form and the certificate will be mailed to you, the Board Liaison. Bragging rights are optional, at your next board meeting!

Join the Board Liaison Community

This community is designed for the Board Liaison at a credit union to work, collaborate, network, and learn with colleagues in their same role. This community is exclusive to the non-CEO liaison.

How to Join:
Contact Renee Todd, Community Admin, for eligibility to join!
608.271.2664 ext. 333

Board Liaison Tools

You are the liaison between your organization and board and with that comes responsibility. We are here to assist with some tools to help you access the appropriate benefits specifically for your board needs.

 CUES provides top-class director offerings to help Director’s realize their potential and support your credit union. In addition to CUES’ Governance+ (CCUBE) (Unlimited + Members Only) and other online director education courses, our director events provide ways to help your board run at its optimum. Plus, CUES offers director-specific solutions that will help your board become stronger and more efficient. 

To manage your membership and Director’s records, please review the My Company Admin Tools page.

Please Note: The CUES Learning Portal platform, powered by Degreed, allows you to pull reports with data for your credit union board content/course completions for the last 93 days. CUES recommends setting reminders to pull your credit union group reports for your credit union quarterly. This will provide you with access to the data for reviews any time of the year.  You can use these directions to pull and access your downloadable reports.

Questions? Help is here!

Reach out to Renee Todd, CUES Member Engagement Specialist, for questions and assistance.

Call: 608.271.2664 ext. 333