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Mission Statements

  • 1.  Mission Statements

    Posted Jan 09, 2020 09:36 AM
    ​Interested in revamping our mission statement.   Please forward examples and the process used to draft it.   Staff, Cmte., Board, All??  Any templates of the process would be appreciated.   Thanks!!

    Joseph Bukowski
    Vice President
    Northwestern Mutual CU
    Milwaukee WI

  • 2.  RE: Mission Statements

    Posted Jan 17, 2020 04:25 PM
    Edited by Brice Yocum Jan 17, 2020 04:26 PM
    In my experience, I'd say you need to start with the leadership team.  It really has to be the vision of the executive staff, something that connects uniquely to your values.  Shorter is better, but I'd say take the time to craft something that really captures your vision and how you hope to impact the community you serve.  If you can add someone else's name (another CU, Bank, etc) and it still makes sense, then you probably need to keep working.  As a general rule, stay away from words and phrases like: "members first; excellent service; professional; integrity; trust."  Those are "permission to play," i.e. qualities all businesses have to have.  A great test is to phrase it in the negative: "unprofessional."  If that means that you'd lose your membership, then it's not a value or a mission, its just good business and, frankly, meaningless.
    Patrick Lencioni covers this stuff really well in "The Advantage," but you can probably find some good talks by him on YouTube.
    Our most recent iteration, and I do think its an iterative process, goes something like:

    "Tucoemas exists to create financial well being for Tulare County families.  Through education, engagement and our unique approach to financial services, we strive to do this with the least friction possible.  We empower our team to build real relationships, to grow and develop, and embrace purpose-driven work."

    It's not a tagline, and it's not our Core Value list, but it gets at the heart of our mission in our community.  Looking at it here, I can see some things I'd like to change.  We've been working on it for about 3 years, but I think that's ok.  For the 40 years prior to my arrival in 2016, we weren't really clear what our mission was... so taking a little time to clarify it is ok.

    Hope that's helpful... If this is all redundant for you, apologies.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
    Kind regards,
    Brice Yocum

    Brice Yocum CSME CCE
    Tucoemas FCU
    Visalia CA

  • 3.  RE: Mission Statements

    Posted Feb 14, 2020 07:58 AM

    I completely agree with what @Brice Yocum said - take a look at The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni for some great ideas on this.  I don't always agree with everything in Lencioni's books, but I think he's spot on with the approach to mission statements and organizational values.

    At PSECU, our Mission Statement is:  "​​To safely and securely provide the best value to our members throughout their lives."  Like Brice said about the mission at Tucoemas, I'd like to work on ours but all in good time, I suppose.  Anyway, I hope this helps!


    Jeff Fetterman CIE
    Learning/Development Manager
    Harrisburg PA