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Marketing the CU Directly to SEG employees

  • 1.  Marketing the CU Directly to SEG employees

    Posted Sep 17, 2020 08:25 AM

    Good morning.

    We are looking at ways to entice more employees at our SEGs to join our CU. A colleague was speaking with a CU recently and the CU shared that they have an agreement with their SEGs whereby the SEG shares the employees' company email addresses with the CU, so the CU can communicate directly with the new employees. It takes the HR department completely out of the picture.

    The SEG treats the CU like any other benefit offered by the company, so they work this into their employment package.

    We are wondering if this is something others are doing and, if so, is there an agreement in place between the SEG and the CU and would you be willing to share that and what is provided to the SEG's employees.

    We have CU marketing materials that we provide to our larger SEGs, but this CU has formalized and taken over the communication piece.

    Thank you.

    Donna Chardeen
    VP and Compliance Officer
    Albany, NY