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Social Media for BDOs

  • 1.  Social Media for BDOs

    Posted Mar 22, 2019 08:17 AM

    Hi Everyone-

    Was wondering if anyone has set up social media access for individual employees, for example- Outside sales/Business Development officers- so they can run their own social media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages? 


    I have an employee who would like to have his own social media presence as his position at WCCU, separate from the regular WCCU sites.  He feels it is an opportunity to network with businesses directly as his role at our credit union. 


    I am not opposed to this and logistically I think it could be set up as a separate Credit Union business page with marketing being Admin as well. However, there are concerns with Reputation and Brand risk that I also can see.


    Is anyone else doing this and is it worth pursuing- how did it affect your department (need to monitor multiple sites – provide materials etc)?


    Any input would be appreciated.



    Meg Sisco
    Vice President of Marketing

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  • 2.  RE: Social Media for BDOs

    Posted Mar 25, 2019 05:45 AM

    What an interesting question, Meg!


    Our Editor/Publisher (Theresa) and I both have "professional" social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn to which we post CUES content and our thoughts on various industry happenings. We hope this helps broaden the discussion in the industry of things important to CU professional development and CU success, plus gives additional secondary exposure to CUES.


    CUES also has a member relationship rep (Russell Evans, who happens to be in the Northeast), who has a Facebook page called "CU Land" on which he has industry related discussions. Notably, CUES has its own social media accounts and presence; the ones Russell, Theresa and I have are tangents to CUES, not "corporate" CUES.


    Hope this adds to your thinking.


    Warm regards,




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    Lisa Hochgraf

    Senior Editor






  • 3.  RE: Social Media for BDOs

    Posted Apr 03, 2019 01:32 PM
    Hi Meg,

    I am the Member relations contact for your credit union and I am happy to provide some insight to this.  I have been in business development roles for 2 associations and I now have started to use my social media platforms for my current association CUES.  I have seen the benefits on a personal and professional level using these tools to provide enhanced member service I have been empowered to leverage social medial tools to help maximize the reach of our existing messages while including a little personality when applicable.  In my use, I haven't specifically connected myself to my organizations however I have seen people do that very successfully having a twitter, facebook, snapchat or instagram page name that is their name and their organization after it.

    I have shared content from CUES using Twitter, Linked in and Facebook.  I have learned through trial and error over the last 2 years of using these tools to avoid any brand or reputation risk from my posts and the best way to do that for me has been to re-use content that my company has produced or incorporate messaging and organization approved hashtags.  If I have to think twice about what I am posting or sharing I typically don't.  Trust and Business judgement is key and I'd advise you or those that want to oversee what's shared to follow or friend those profiles to see what is being shared is important.  All of the social media channels have unique benefits,I especially like Twitter as its a fantastic way to get a sense of what your audience is saying or feeling

    I know there are social media posting tools that can allow for greater oversight of all those with the ability to post content if you'd like more control of the messaging.  I think empowering your business development staff to incorporate social media to share existing content while including pictures, videos and a chance to show a little personality behind your branch can be helpful.   If I can provide any more insight feel free to reach out to me.

    [Russell] [Evans]
    [VP Member Relations & Sales - Northeast]
    [Madison] [WI]

  • 4.  RE: Social Media for BDOs

    Posted Apr 30, 2019 09:29 PM
    Hi Margaret!

    At Pelican, we don't create official "Pelican" pages for team members, and I personally try to avoid this from becoming the norm. We work with our BD Reps to create their LinkedIn profiles or enhance an existing one. I created a LinkedIn training that I refresh and present to our staff to get them using the platform more for culture and leadership aspects, and our BD Supervisor does a great job at working closely with the team to ensure they're active.

    We encourage our BD reps to use LinkedIn correctly and show what they're doing for our Select Employer Groups. We do have a list of best practices in place for the Reps to ensure it's not too salesy while showing their personalities. It can be a hard balance to achieve!

    I feel that in many ways your BD team is out in public, and they should be their own personal brand. This brand should be everywhere digitally. Their personal brand is linked to your company brand, making that experience more personal without losing the brand feeling,

    Frank Kerner
    Content & Digital Strategist
    Pelican State CU
    Baton Rouge LA