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Trellance M360

  • 1.  Trellance M360

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hello- we are looking at Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse software, and we are interested in Trellance M360. We have wonderful references that we've received from them, but with an investment like this we'd love to hear from anyone that has an opinion of either Trellance M360 or any other Business Intelligence software that they recommend.


    Thank you in advance!

    Niki Schaumberg

    Chief Financial Officer
    Fox Communities Credit Union
    3401 E. Calumet Street Appleton, 54915
    P: 920-993-3753 | E:

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  • 2.  RE: Trellance M360

    Posted 20 days ago



    No experience with M360 but...


    Here is a short 30sec video I posted 2yrs ago on our CUNA AdvantEdge Analytics solution;    ...shows member breakdown dashboard.


    Here is their website; Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for Credit Unions | AdvantEdge Analytics


    Our Marketing folks did all the research and decided on CUNA's product.




    On the IT side, we spun up five virtual servers in the Cloud for this.  3 VM's for CUNA developers to remote into, a SQL DEV VM and a Power BI Server.  So far 1.18TB used of storage, I think their prerequisite was at least 2TB allocated.  It ties into our Symitar ARCU server data.  CUNA offers this in a pre-packaged Cloud option too.  We decided to do ourselves, mainly for control and to provide for better resources for other unrelated servers/storage needs.




    You'll need a data analyst or two to help work with Marketing.  CUNA setup some dashboards.  Good Luck!




    Ryon Brubaker

    Senior Vice President -  Information Technology

    8763 Union Centre Blvd. • West Chester, OH 45069

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  • 3.  RE: Trellance M360

    Posted 19 days ago

    Hi Niki, 

    I've worked for two credit unions and extensively with both data teams. One opted for Power BI, which is easy to understand and very customizable to your needs, but it is harder to find qualified Power BI specialists when hiring. Their dashboards can build cross sections of data you didn't think you could share but this customization comes with the fault that it does take extensive training to understand how it is all inter-connected. When complicated data dashboards are made and the process or definitions aren't built along side, it can break easily if someone doesn't have the knowledge to set it up correctly.

    I've also worked with teams who used Tableau, easy to read but limited on sharing capabilities, if you need it be reasonably priced. They have a per bulk license packaging I believe. Tableau is used more frequently and thus it is easier to find analyst with experience for this role. Power BI was my favorite to work with for the freedom it came with but again this is a significant investment, much like your Trellance M360 program. Trellance is wonderful for providing more forecasting capabilities than other program and can combine all channels of data. Their design is to be the experts so if you have a less seasoned data team, they will help assist you on how to implement the data and results. You are paying for the analysis of your analytics. Trellance is cloud based which is easier to manage than a traditional warehouse of data on your own servers so there is some benefits of being able to have someone else manage the storage, it frees up space and shares the data more quickly on charts. 

    My experience has been on the side of using the systems not on the creation or development of them. As a Member experience manager, it was more on interconnecting the systems to illustrate the data needs and sharing that information with leaders and staff easily so that it was transparent across the organization. My recommendation is just to be clear on how you want the results to be displayed to the org, the level of transparency and sticking to that objective and not getting starry -eyed by pretty displays can help shape what program you go with. Evaluate the team's experiences, and how you want to share your results. Best of luck!

    Amber Stutzman

    Amber Stutzman
    Member Loyalty Manager
    Oregon Community CU
    Springfield OR

  • 4.  RE: Trellance M360

    Posted 14 days ago
    Do NOT believe the project implementation time frame Trellance tells you. Call me at 316-265-3272 ext. 140 if you want a reference from a client whom Trellance obviously didn't choose to provide to you.

    We signed with Trellance in February 2019, with an expected completion/turnover in November 2019. Our targeted turnover date slipped from November 2019 to December, then to February 2020, then to July 2020. Once the warehouse was "technically" turned over at the end of July 2020, there were further delays related to a software release to support Symitar/Episys clients. At nearly 23 months since contract signing, we finally have a workable base data warehouse but are still awaiting implementation of our card processor data interface and predictive analytics models. (And we have had a full-time data analyst and significant I.T. resources committed to keeping our side of the project moving on-schedule).

    We also checked references before signing with Trellance and got feedback about long-delayed implementations. We specifically raised this concern with Trellance and were advised that they had significantly staffed-up their implementation team staffing so that should no longer occur. Well, we did not experience that "improvement."

    I believe Trellance will eventually prove to have been a good decision for us, but after 23 months from contract signing it is still not possible to assess.

    Paul Meissner CCUE, MBA
    SVP/Chief Financial Officer
    Credit Union of America
    Wichita KS