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Board development

  • 1.  Board development

    Posted Feb 05, 2020 12:24 AM
    I'm curious to know how other institutions identify potential new board members and develop an effective pipeline. Does your credit union impose term limits for board directors, and if so, what are those limits? Do you have an "emeritus" program for directors rolling off the board, and if you do, what are the components? Do you have associate director positions to help develop new members for the board and/or supervisory committee?

    Beverly Randez
    USE CU
    San Diego CA

  • 2.  RE: Board development

    Posted Feb 06, 2020 07:10 AM
    At Unitus Community Credit Union (1.4B) in Portland, OR, we do have term limits.  The Board member can serve a maximum of 4 three year terms (12 years total).  At that point the person can become a Director Emeritus.  They can serve in that position for up to three years.  During those three years as Emeritus, after they have been off the Board for one year, they can re-apply for a new 4 three year terms.  As an Emeritus, the person has no voting rights, but can attend Board meeting, receives Board packets, attend Board functions and can attend one conference per year determined by the Board Chair and CEO.  We were told not to have an associate director program by our legal councel because associates are chosen and not elected by membership.  Often times they could be exposed to sensitive information that non-elected members should not be.  We use our Audit (Supervisory) Committee as a ways to onboard new Board members.  It is not guaranteed that if you are on the Audit Committee you will automatically succeed to the Board.  We have also selected Board members from the nominating process who are not on the Audit Committee to fulfill need the Board may have such as small business owner, IT, marketing, real estate, etc.  Although Audit Committee members are appointed and may attend Board meetings, they are excused during executive session for those sensitive discussions.  The recruiting for the Board and Audit Committee is done by online advertising and Board and Leadership Team networking.

    Frank Chinn
    Unitus Community CU
    Portland OR

  • 3.  RE: Board development

    Posted Feb 06, 2020 11:49 AM

    Hi Beverly,


    Currently, we do not employ term limits.


    Our current board members are making an effort to recruit new board members as associate board members initially with an eye towards making them full board members as the board turns over.


    Associate board members in our organization function as board members in all but voting rights. They do not have a vote on CU matters. But they can join the discussion and work on committees.


    Hope that is helpful.








    Danilo Torres
    Executive Administrative Assistant


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  • 4.  RE: Board development

    Posted Feb 07, 2020 02:17 AM
    Hi Beverly,
    We do not have term limits.  We've discussed them, but ultimately opted to not enact them.  This is a topic that we do revisit periodically, though.  One of the reasons that we haven't enacted term limits is that we have healthy turnover without them.  I'm the second-longest serving Board member at 15 years, and our newest two Board members have somewhere around 1 and 2 years of experience.  We've taken the position that people ought to be able to be a part of the Board as long as they are engaged and productive.

    We do have an associate Board member program (up to three at a time).  Like Danilo, our associates participate in discussions and decision making, they just don't have a vote.  They are our primary source of new Board members, although we also draw from the Audit Committee.  We recruit for associates and AC members using a variety of methods, including website notices and professional networking.  Our lawyers signed off on our program.  You could consider making new people part of your committee structure and expose them to the Board that way if your lawyers aren't comfortable with the idea of an associate program.

    We do have an emeritus program, open only to departing Board members upon approval of the Board.  It's been used from time to time, but not all the time.  For example, right now we do not have any emeritus members.  We view emeritus members as senior advisors, and they generally don't attend Board meetings (although they are invited) or conferences.

    Jake Jensen
    Advantis Credit Union

    Jacob Jensen
    Advantis CU
    Clackamas OR