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'Did you Know'- How to enhance your professional Development?

  • 1.  'Did you Know'- How to enhance your professional Development?

    Posted Dec 16, 2020 03:58 PM

    Happy Wednesday CUES Members,


    Want to enhance your professional development? Did you know we have recently added several new pathways in the CUES Learning Portal? Check out some of the newest pathways below.



    Building Effective Business Relationships

    • Business Relationships - these relationships are key to your success (both professionally and personally). Building effective relationships allows you to grow and also grow your organization's value, image and sustainability. Understanding how to build these important relationships will bring about opportunities you may never have imagined in your…

    Business Writing Basics

    • Communicating effectively in writing is a basic skill for everyone. Think about how often you write an email, present at a meeting, or speak to a large audience. All of these activities require solid business writing skills. Writing etiquette, differences in writing styles and knowing the audience you are addressing (internal/external) are…

    Influencing Others

    • Influencing Others -- what does that really mean? Does it give you power over others or getting your own way? Discover the meaning behind having influence and learn how influence is used in the workplace. Influencing others involves engaging with others, build trust, and bringing forth ideas that benefit others with positive outcomes.

    Organizational Capability for Innovation

    • Organizations that actively encourage and promote innovation among staff will gain the greatest benefits from it's most valuable resource and increase the chance for really groundbreaking change. This pathway looks at ways to support the people resource within an organizational to create an innovative climate.

    Supervisory Committee

    • The role of the Supervisory Committee requires different skills and knowledge than other Board of Director positions. This pathway offers insight and resources into the role and responsibilities of the Supervisory Committee.

    Train the Trainer

    • There are many skills needed to be a successful trainer to engage and foster learners. As a new trainer, or someone who may train as part of your job, understanding and assessing your own skills, leveraging the best instructional design model and understanding the needs of adult learners is key to delivering effective training. This pathway will…


    Here are some helpful tools in CUES Learning Portal too!

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    Thank You!!

    Sunita Murthy
    Membership Engagement Specialist
    CUES Staff
    Madison WI