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CUES State of Credit Union Training and Development Report

  • 1.  CUES State of Credit Union Training and Development Report

    Posted 25 days ago

    CUES launched its first-ever talent development survey among credit union CEOs, executives and HR managers in the spring of 2020. The questionnaire, administered by Acuitim Marketing Research and Consulting, was designed to achieve the following research objectives: 

    • Understand the most challenging aspects of talent development at credit unions.
    • Survey how credit union leaders plan to address those challenges and how they self-assess their progress in addressing their aims.
    • Evaluate alignment of the strategic plan with talent development needs.
    • Gauge alignment between the workforce and the credit unions' current and future needs.
    • Ascertain what skills need to be developed for the next wave of leaders.

    This whitepaper reports on high-level findings from that survey and offers four primary action steps, illustrated with case studies, that can help credit unions overcome some of the most critical talent development challenges identified in this research: 

    • Close the "knowing/doing gap" by elevating talent development and investing adequate resources in this strategic priority.
    • Structure a career lattice to support the development of talented employees, which will help address the three most common challenges identified in the survey.
    • Develop a robust mentoring program tailored to support the organization's top talent development needs.

    Recognize the need to emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion in member service and opportunities for employees across the credit union. In a 2020 survey of credit union human resources and talent development executives, over half of all responding credit unions stated that attracting and retaining talent, developing future leaders, and developing adequate bench strength were major challenges. However, only about half of those credit unions had a plan in place to help address the challenge.  


    CUES State of Credit Union Training and Development Report

    Sunita Murthy
    Membership Engagement Specialist
    CUES Staff
    Madison WI