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Internal Job Postings

  • 1.  Internal Job Postings

    Posted 21 days ago
    Our employee satisfaction surveys are good, very little turnover, good pay and benefits, but we're finding that when we do have job openings and post within the organization, it's becoming more and more common that our employees don't want to move up. They say they're happy with what they're doing and don't want the stress of taking on more or new responsibility. Are other credit unions seeing this? Is our solution going to be that we just don't post job openings but move around employees into positions we think they can do whether they want to or not? Comments, suggestions welcome!

    Deborah Salyer CCUE
    Kingsport Press CU
    Kingsport TN

  • 2.  RE: Internal Job Postings

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hi Deborah,

    The timing of your post is interesting, as presently, I have two positions open within what we call "Member Support" and usually, positions like these are very interesting to our tellers, in particular, yet, with both positions, we have had no internal applications from anyone, including tellers.  I've been wondering why, and then I see your email.  I really wonder if it's a sign of the times.  I really believe people across the nation are exhausted emotionally and otherwise right now, because of current events,  regardless of one's political views, and maybe change and/or increased responsibility just isn't appealing right now, regardless of money and other factors.


    Joe Gallagher
    Director, Member Support
    Vermont FCU
    Burlington VT
    Manager/Loan ServicingManager/Loan ServicingManager/Loan ServicingManager/Loan Servicing

  • 3.  RE: Internal Job Postings

    Posted 20 days ago
    We do not post internally  in every instance of a vacancy.  Usually depends on the position.  Sometime it is a natural progression and see no need to post, but we do post most vacancies.  We are experiencing the same thing.  So many jobs now have more stress and demanding positions some staff prefer not to promote.  Finding qualified staff for postions is a huge concern at any size cu IMO.  Being able to pay for positions is also a concern for many cu's including ours.

    David Proffitt
    Alcoa Tenn FCU
    Alcoa TN

  • 4.  RE: Internal Job Postings

    Posted 19 days ago

    That is an interesting dilemma.  We are not experiencing that issue.  We post most all positions internally and with some externally at the same time.  I will add, during this pandemic, our branch operations continued as normal, except for a short period where we shortened our hours.  A majority of our support staff have been working remotely since March, so our challenge has been more about getting training to those that are making a change.  I am not sure involuntarily moving people is the best solution, though I am not familiar with your CU size or structure.  Maybe you could develop a "program" (Cross Training, Job Shadowing, etc.) that temporarily places people in positions so they can experience it.  Maybe you have staff that aren't truly aware of what a job entails and are shying away from the unknown.  A simple survey may help you identify the issue as well.  Sometimes it is as simple as asking.

    Good luck,

    Carolyn White
    VP Education and Communication
    CoastHills Credit Union
    Santa Maria CA

  • 5.  RE: Internal Job Postings

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hello Deborah,

    We post almost all roles internally and externally, with the understanding that we will always look internally first.  We grant interviews to all internal candidates, the best case outcome is they get the job, worst case is they understand more about the role and decide if it is something they would like to continue to pursue.  Each employee is required to have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that is discussed monthly with their leader.  It can be as simple as goals to help them in their current role or skills they would like to develop for a future role.  From the IDP's, we know if an employee is interested in moving to mortgage or accounting, for instance.  When roles open in those areas, they are better prepared and leadership is aware of their goal.  We also do department visits, where an employee can take the day and observe another department, interview the leader to understand what a day feels like in their world.  These activities help us keep an active talent pipeline when roles become available.

    Take care,

    Steven Shaffner
    SVP/People Strategy
    Sharonview FCU
    Fort Mill SC