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Supporting emerging leaders in your organization

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    Posted Jul 19, 2019 01:14 PM
    I came across this article recently "Steps for young leaders to establish credibility in the workplace" (link below) and thought it made a few great points and it got me wondering, what are Canadian Credit Unions doing to support young or emerging leaders within your organizations?

    In my experience, the answer to this sometimes varies based on CU size and depends on how your credit union describes leadership. Personally (and in my work with the BC credit union Young Leaders Network) we describe a leader as anyone who wants to take leadership and ownership over their own personal development and the growth/support of others. Leadership, to us, is not about a title or a particular role you hold; nor is it about number of direct reports. We believe that anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves and others is a leader.

    So, based on this article, I'd like to pose a couple of questions to you:

    1. Does your credit union have either an internal or support a provincial Young Leader group? Why or why not? What value have you seen from these programs?

    2. Do young or emerging employees in your credit union know what career paths and resources are available to support their development? Do you have a process for development conversations?

    3. Do you agree with (or see challenges with) the four points listed in the article addressing how young leaders can build credibility (Solve for office issues and demonstrate broader accountability, Tackle unfounded opposition directly, Align values with the company's, Demonstrate that you learn from your mistakes). What challenges do you see with YLs taking these actions?

    4. What is the biggest challenge you have with YLs in your organization?

    I can't wait to hear from my Canadian CU colleagues!

    Link to article;

    Tanya Mueller Smith
    Manager, Member Relations & Sales Support – Canada
    CUES Staff
    Vancouver BC