Pathway of the Quarter: Change Agility

  • 1.  John Kotter's Video

    Posted May 15, 2019 08:05 AM
    Do you have the courage to remove people who can't adapt from projects, even if they are in leadership roles? This video poses the question and John Kotter says yes.

    Kotter addresses some areas in which people who are not onboard with change can sabotage progress. These issues are often difficult to detect and depending upon the teams relationship hard to avoid.

    Kate Taylor points out in an Entrepreneur Magazine article, "13 Signs of a Disengaged Employee," notable traits of disengaged employees which include:

    • Complaining
    • Gossiping
    • Making excuses
    • Lying or making up stories
    • Lacking enthusiasm
    • Employees who think they know it all
    • Lacking initiative
    • No desire to grow as an employee
    • Unwilling to learn new things
    • Irresponsibility: missing deadlines, showing up late, etc.
    • Frequently distracted
    • Unwilling to help others

    What are some of the methods you use to inspire disengaged employees at any level or tackle some of these traits?

    Jimese Harkley
    CUES Staff
    Madison WI